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Shower curtains Your shower curtains selection is an important element in setting the design mood for your bathroom. Unlike other home design renovations — which tend to be a lot more permanent and expensive — shower curtains are a small yet necessary accessory.... Modern bathrooms, Shower curtains
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Decorating shower curtains

Price: 45 USD

Decorating shower curtains

Decorating shower curtains,  

A plain fabric shower curtain is fairly inexpensive, but it is also very ordinary and unimpressive. Ready-made embroidered or decorated varieties are eye-catching but expensive. Forget about buying an overpriced fabric shower curtain, and try one or more of the following easy ways to decorate a cheap one. A shower curtain can be personalized and decorated to match virtually any bathroom theme, and these creative ideas will help you get started on decorating a bathroom in fun and unique new ways.

Decorate a Shower Curtain with Craft Buttons

Buttons are one of the most versatile craft supplies available, and they are great for more than just securing clothing. Shop online or in a local craft store for multi-purpose craft buttons. They are available in many different subjects, but colorful round buttons of various sizes provide a creative and incredibly easy way to decorate a plain fabric shower curtain. Stitch plastic buttons of various sizes equal distances apart. Alternately, they can be attached in a pattern to decorate the fabric sheeting with abstract flowers, fish, butterflies, or absolutely anything.

Use Paint and Stencils or Stamps to Decorate a Shower Curtain

Fabric paint can be used to decorate a fabric shower curtain in countless new ways. Decide on a subject, and buy fabric paint to decorate it using preplanned designs. Use stamps or stencils to create uniform, evenly spaced graphics. Use buttons and/or small sequins to highlight eyes, wings, or any other part of the design. Practice on scrap fabric before using paint to decorate a new fabric shower curtain to attain the right look and the perfect technique.

Decorate a Shower Curtain Using Stitch Witchery

Stitch witchery fuses material to material, and it can be used to help decorate a plain fabric shower curtain in creative and unique new ways. Use stencils to trace shapes onto the curtain. The individual sections can be combined to make complete pictures and designs. Trace the pieces of fabric onto the stitch witchery, cut them out, and follow product label instructions to attach it with a hot iron. Embroider around the edges using a sewing machine, or finish the edges by hand. The options for scenes, graphics, and designs are unlimited.

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